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"The Battle of New River"
by L. J. Kimball
The Battle of New River: 23-25 November 1862. Spiral bound, 85 pages, with maps and illustrations. Available from the author for $21.00, which includes shipping and handling.
Send check or money order to: L. J. Kimball, 227 Creedmoor Road, Jacksonville, NC, 28546. (910)-455-9873.

The Battle of New River deals with the daring raid by Lieutenant William B. ("Albemarle") Cushing, USVN, also known as "Lincoln's Commando," on Jacksonville, NC, the county seat of Onslow County, and his three-day fight with encircling Confederate forces to avoid the capture of his crew and gunboat, the iron-hulled U.S.S. Ellis.

L.J. Kimball is a retired Marine infantry officer. He graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1965, received a M.S. in Physics from the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School and graduated with highest distinction from the Naval War College. In pursuit of his mission to promote and preserve the heritage of Onslow County, he has authored several books and articles dealing with local history and is a past president of the Onslow County Historical Society and the Civil War Roundtable of Eastern NC. He is also a charter member of SCV Camp 1302.