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A collection of articles, photographs, and historical documents about Onslow County, North Carolina during the
"War Between the States".

Marcus LaFayette Redd
served in 1861 as captain of Company E (the "Onslow Greys"), 3rd Regiment N.C. State Troops.
Redd is wearing the officer's uniform mandated by the 1861 North Carolina regulations: a single-breasted frock coat and a "gray felt hat of light material" with an embroidered bugle (symbolizing infantry) affixed to the front. Redd's coat clearly bears the "North Carolina Sunburst" pattern buttons.
Source; State Troops and Volunteers; A Photographic Record of North Carolina's Civil War Soldiers by Greg Mast, 1995
Pictured left is the trunk carried by Marcus LaFayette Redd during the war. For years the trunk sat in the Harper House at the Bentonville Battlefield Site which was a mystery since Redd or the 3rd NC did not fight there. The trunk is currently on display at the Onslow County Museum in Richlands, NC.
Model 1850 U.S. Foot Officer's Sword and Scabbard of General Lewis A. Armistead. Museum of the Confederacy, Richmond, Va.
Commanding one of three brigades in Pickett's division, General Lewis Armistead led his troops during "Pickett's Charge" with his hat raised high on the point of this sword. Armistead was mortally wounded in the charge and died two days later. The veterans of the unit that defended Cemetery Ridge against the charge returned the sword to the Pickett Division Association during a reunion at Gettysburg in 1906.